We see TOO MANY doctors throughout our lives!

by Paul Bond on 29 April, 2010

A survey conducted by GfK Roper has found that we see, on average 18.7 different physicians throughout our lives. And for patients over 65, that number increases to 28.4! Talk about doctor shopping!!

Now, in all fairness, the numbers include seeing ED physicians and specialists, but that’s still a LOT of physicians! And imagine how many different medical charts are out there on all of these people. And, now sit down for this part, the average appointment take 13 pages to document and the average patient’s health is dependent on at least 200 pieces of paper in almost 19
different locations. It’s no wonder there are so many problems in health care!!

Just imagine if all of that paper were electronic and available within a few minutes to any physician or nurse who needed to look at them. Just how much time, energy, wasted tests (i.e. repeating the same test over and over again), and workload could be cut? How much money would the system save itself?? And remember, less than 20% of health care facilities and physicians offices are electronic right now. Isn’t it time to standardize all of this information and make it available (safely and securely) across the health care system to those who need it and WHEN they need it?


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