Taking personal responsibility for your healthcare

by Paul Bond on 30 March, 2011

In doing my daily research for the blog/show, I read an interesting article this morning from Medicinenet.com. The title of it is “Taking Personal Responsibility for Own Health Care Often Not Enough”. It gave me pause enough to write a post about. The article summarizes a statewide survey done in Pennsylvania by the Institute for Good Medicine at the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED).

What this survey found was that, of the respondents, 93% think they are more responsible for their personal health than their physician. That’s great! Unfortunately, over 30% said they do NOT exercise, and more than two thirds say they don’t pay attention to sodium content in foods. Maybe we need to re-define for people just what taking personal responsibility for your own health care is!

I say that only half jokingly. Part of the problem truly is that people don’t think of personal health as a major responsibility. Our society has set it up that way. The medical model has traditionally been that your doctor “took care of you” and you just followed what he said. That has slowly been changing, but the intermediate area (where we are now) means very few people are actually taking responsibility for their health. Their is a wide disparity between who really is and who just says they are (look again at the numbers above and you’ll see what I mean).

Another part of the problem lies in the vast amount of information that is being disseminated about what is good or bad for you. At one point, decaffeinated coffee is bad, then a short time later, it has positive health benefits – and that’s just one example! All you need do is search my blog for posts on alternative health and you’ll see what I mean. It’s mind boggling how much contradiction there is in the world of health care! No wonder more people aren’t truly taking responsibility for their own health! If those of us who work in the health care field can’t seem to figure out what’s best, how can we expect someone who has a totally different line of work to do it!?!?!


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